I was skeptical about ordering Cabinets from overseas and having them assembled at the jobsite.  But I must say that J&L’s cabinet installers did what they said they would do, which resulted in a good cabinet installation on the project!
Steve Gross, Senior Project Manager
Orchard Park, Grand Prairie, TX – Spring Valley Construction Company

9.6 = Overall performance for Cabinets = 9.6, Quality = 10, Ease working with J&L staff = 10 Delivery = 9 Installation = 9 and when issues come up are they handled in a timely manner = 10
Robert E. Watson, Project Manager
Hardy Yards, Houston, TX - ITEX Group



Overall performance 8 for blinds and 10 for Quality.
Leah (kay) Perez, Assistant Project Manager 
Halo House, Houston, TX – Morgan Group| Excellence From The Ground Up

Overall performance for Solar Shades = 8, Quality = 9, Ease working with J&L office = 9, Installation = 8
Pedro Saloman, Assistant Project Manager 
South Main, Houston, TX – Allen Harrison Company

Overall I would give J&L a 9 or a 10; your installer is great and your internal team communicates well!
Ryan Brown – Asst. Superintendent
Prairie Gate, Dallas, TX – Carleton Construction


Overall performance 8 out of 10 - good communication, light fixtures are good, timely delivery, packages correct.
Trevor Bartlett, Superintendent
Preston Trails, San Antonio, TX - Jordan Foster Construction

In response to your email on how things are going thus far I have no complaints and all the deliveries have been completed on time with no backorders. I give you guys a 10/10! 
Lorenzo Prats, Assistant Superintendent
Craig Ranch, Dallas, TX - TX Morrow Construction, Inc.

The service J&L has provided for our light fixtures has exceeded my expectations. Solid 10.
Jerry Mason, Project Superintendent
Vera Waters, Dallas, TX - TX Morrow Construction, Inc.

I would say a 10. When I don't have to make many calls that's a good thing.  Deliveries get done, problems get handled.  I have no problems with you guys and have let my bosses know it.  
Zach Draper, Superintendent
Providence at Four Corners, Houston, TX – Gardner Capital Construction


I would give you a 10 on all fronts for the plumbing fixtures.  You all were very easy to work with and helped us meet our scheduling and design needs. 
Nate Spangler, P.E. | Assistant Project Manager
Jackson Street, Denver CO - Gables Residential | Taking Care of the Way You Live™