Multi Family Blinds

2" Classic Fauxwood Impressions

A traditional alternative to traditional wood and faux wood blinds.

  • Energy Efficient / Vinyl construction insulates heat and cold versus conducts heat and cold
  • Less light penetration – keeps rooms cooler and warmer for more energy efficiency
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • Uses up to 30% less materials in production
  • Developed with lighter weight materials which saves fuel in creating a smaller carbon foot print
  • Lead-free formulation
  • Child Safety Compliant – Independent Tassel / String Design eliminates dangerous loops
  • Independent Lab Testing reports for Light Filtration and Heat Testing at up to 150 degrees for 2 hours without slat deformation
  • Easily Adjustable Width and Length
  • 20% Superior Light Blocking and UV protection
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2" Classic Fauxwood Blinds

The look of real wood blinds for less money.

  • Made of composite materials including hardwood 
    and durable polymer
  • Won’t warp, crack or fade
  • Perfect for high humidity rooms
  • Energy-efficient with UV protection and minimization 
    of heat and cooling loss
  • Increases street appeal and property value today 
    and in the future with high durability
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1" Classic Alum-a-Like Mini-Blinds

A superior alternative to aluminum blinds.

  • Energy Efficient - Insulates 8% better than 1” aluminum blinds
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • Beveled edge slats provide maximum room darkening & privacy
  • Quality and likeness of aluminum blinds without the cost
  • Flexible slats retain original shape
  • Metal head and bottom rails eliminate warping
  • Lifetime warranty covers all manufacturer defects
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1" Classic Aluminum Blinds

  • Made of premium aluminum alloy with baked on finish for durability
  • Scratch resistant
  • Provides superior room darkening
  • Durable metal head rail and bottom rails
  • Heat treated slats resist creasing
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Classic Vertical Blinds

Pro Decor Wand Vertical Blinds add style to any room.